At W.H. Productions, located in the vibrant city of El Paso, our mission is to illuminate and elevate emerging artists by providing a dynamic spotlight for their talents. We are dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities that empower artists to showcase their unique voices and perspectives. Embracing the rich cultural heritage of our community, we strive to celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging within the performing arts scene. Our goal is to expand and enrich the theatre landscape in El Paso, making it a hub of creativity and innovation. Through our commitment to exploring unconventional and avant-garde theatre styles, we aim to push boundaries, challenge norms, and inspire new ways of storytelling. We believe in the power of experimentation to spark dialogue, provoke thought, and create unforgettable theatrical experiences.

Luis Hiram Castanos-Vale

born on July 6, 2004, in El Paso, Texas, is a bilingual artist of Latino and Mexican-American heritage. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he seamlessly navigates the cultural tapestry of his upbringing in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.

Currently pursuing a degree in Theatre at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). His bilingual proficiency enhances his storytelling, allowing him to connect with diverse audiences on a profound level. In addition to his theatrical pursuits,

Luis is a versatile musician, adept at playing the alto saxophone, guitar, and bass, and possessing a nuanced understanding of the piano. With a formal education in Theatre and a diverse range of artistic talents, Luis Hiram Castanos-Vale is poised to contribute significantly to the world of performing arts, seamlessly bridging linguistic and cultural gaps through his compelling narratives and musical artistry.

Wicho Valdez

born on August 11, 1997, an El Paso native whose currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance at the University of Texas at El Paso; he plans to further his education by obtaining a Master of Fine Arts in Performance.

He’s been an active member for the theatre community over a decade. Over the years, he’s engaged in various aspects of theatre such as performance, technical work, and directing. His performance credits include participation in productions for UTEP Theatre and Dance, Viva El Paso, and EPCC Theatre. Outside of theatre, Wicho has also excelled in speech and debate, achieving national recognition in duo interpretation.

As an El Paso native, Wicho is deeply rooted in his local theatre scene and has a strong desire to contribute to the development of individuals within the community. This diverse range of experiences underscores his commitment to artistic expression, community engagement, and the cultivation of talent.

We’re Excited To Work

Join us at W.H. Productions as we shine a spotlight on the future of theatre and embrace the transformative magic of the stage.

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